Have you ever wanted to date a woman who is much older/ a man who is much younger than you?

If you are a man – we bet you have! If you are a woman – probably you have been thinking about it, haven’t you?

If you already have dated – we are sure it was not only nice but very often a great experience. And probably you want to meet another mature woman/ young man, are we right?

If you haven’t – we really understand your drive to do it.
If you haven’t – we really recommend doing this!

We are women who prefer dating much younger man. Meeting more and more young guys we realized that the interest in dating older women is huge among them and interest in meeting young men is growing among mature women. So we came to the idea to help them to meet one another.

The idea is an app and a web portal named M!LFS*. The platform helping people to get to know each other but also spreading the idea of such dates. Young men as well as many mature women in fact are not sure if dating in this configuration is interesting for the other side. Men happen to be a little shy, women don’t want to make stupid of themselves. We want to give you more courage. And to share real stories on our blog to show you that everything is possible between a mature woman and a young man: fun, great sex, friendship. Sometimes even love.

MILFS WANNA HAVE FUN. It’s our headword.

If you want to make your searching of a MILF/ hot guy from your dreams more effective – join us!

Together we can make great community. And maybe even start another sexual revolution.

*MILF is a Mother/Mature woman I’d Like to Fuck/Friend/Fiancé (new definition made by 23 years old guy)